Simplicity in Heidi Feek’s Wedding, the Way She Wanted it to Be

Heidi Feek has music all over her. She is the daughter of one of country music’s royalty, Rory Feek. She however, decided to go a different path and focused on Jazz and Blues. Heidi Feek’s wedding to Nashville artist, Casey Pierce occurred on the 26th of May, 2012. Their wedding seemed very simple but that is the way wanted it to be, being simple people themselves. The day was filled with laughter with close friends and family.

Here is a photo of Feek in one of her singing gigs. You see her penchant for anything retro through her microphone as well as her music of choice, blues.

Here is the married couple having a fun day out in the sun. You can tell by the smiles on their faces that they are a very happy couple.

The expression on their faces is all about love. You cannot deny that these two are passionately in love with each other.

This is Heidi today. Just by looking at the photo you will know that this woman finds contentment in the simplest of things. A simple wedding was enough for her.

Everyone was so happy and all smiles during Heidi and Casey’s big day. Heidi wore a simple dress and Casey had a simple suit.

Again with simplicity in mind, there were no elaborate decors that filled the venue. This wedding was all about the couple.

Here is the bride looking so pretty and sophisticated. How can Casey not fall in love with her? She looks so perfect for him.

Heidi having a great time with her family in what seems to be their backyard. She loves spending time with them.

This is the Heidi that you see in her music videos. She can go from simple girl to sophisticated lady with ease.

Here she is seen with her celebrity parents, country duo Joey + Rory practicing for the wedding. Rory is her father while Joey is her step mom.